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  • 国庆节 The National Day小学英语作文

    国庆节 The National Day小学英语作文

    October 1stis the national day of our country, which is a public holiday for the wholecountry. It’s an important day that marks the beginning of PRC. On that day,there are plenty of celebrations holding throughout the country, from thecentral government to the general people. And public places, including bigsquares, parks are decorated in festive theme. In recent years, the national holidaymeans the golden week as well, which is a short holiday that all people expectto. With the improvement of living standards, people have more money and desireto travel and the golden week is a good chance for them. Besides, for thosepeople who would not go out, it’s a good time to have a good rest as well. Therefore,the national day means a lot to the Chinese.



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