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  • 5年级新年英语作文




    Looking forward to the stars, looking forward to the moon, and finally looking forward to the New Year! What does it mean?

    At the evening of reunion dinner, friends and relatives came to my house. Mother and three aunts are busy cooking in the kitchen. Grandpa, grandmother and aunts are watching TV in the living room while chatting, while our children are playing beside them.

    After a while, we have to eat a reunion dinner. The brother brought all the food up to the table and put all the tables full. Look at the chicken, duck neck, I have drool with envy.

    Finally, I began to eat, and I hurried to some of the dishes I like to eat. Wow, it is so delicious!

    And then, we start toasting each other. My brother robbed several people and was full of sweet words. I don't want to respect, grandma and grandpa! My stomach idiom headlong out. "I wish you longevity, longevity, happiness as immense as the Eastern Sea, good luck in everything." After the cup, I drank a drink and sat down. Grandma and Grandpa were happy to keep their mouth close, with a happy smile on their faces, full of warmth and comfort.

    Then after the aunts and aunts, I had a whole heart to eat. The table was filled with congratulations and blessing, cheers and laughter can be heard without end, drink cheers sound very lively as one falls, another rises!

    Look! My father was chatting with his uncle! You look at them, talk how hard! How happy! How thankful!

    After a reunion dinner, it's time to pay for the money. My grandparents and my aunts gave us children hundreds of yuan per person. I am so happy! The whole room is full of thick family love, full of happiness and sweetness.

    It's only once a year to eat a reunion meal. The main thing is to think that a family can always be round, happy and happy. Let the body in the country's children did not forget their home, don't forget your parents.

    I sincerely wish all the families in the world can always be round and round!

    It's a good feeling for the New Year!


    In the last few days, we all want to keep something down. It is often the same topic that people describe, but what they say is a different feeling. This may be our difference, and this is probably the uniqueness of the unbeatable youth! What have we learned in a year of invincibility? Please write down and tell 08.

    08 flying in the boundless red leaves, quietly fade its color.

    08 to the white dress, dancing and dancing...

    My childishness forever in my appearance about, my inner and out into the deep, 08 of my achievements of my real maturity......

    I'm really going to the new year, and the closer I get to it every second, I'm getting more and more excited. I want to run, the new year sprint victory line, I want to take my daring laugh start with both hands, to pursue my victory!

    However, the teacher told me that it is not impossible for people to gain no work without work. Only if you really try hard, you can laugh happily.

    I remember every word of Teacher Wang in my heart, and I also tasted the taste of sublimation. Because of her young learning, because of her patience and understanding, I slowly gained a lot of things that I could not get.

    Character achievement loss and gain. This is a summary of what I have said to the teacher. Teachers always accept with a tolerant heart and correct our shortcomings. So I feel as if I have inwardly blended into her rigid and embraced personality, and gradually spread to every corner of my heart, and then began formal reform.

    This is our favorite teacher Wang, the influence of my personality of the stardom.

    I found that when not writing, love is a pile of a pile, really let you go zizijuju hit record, but not a little ink. Of course, this sentence indicates the void I am now. Unresolved the learning attitude, because some were lost, because there is some, so get the more precious experience. Junior middle school is not so simple as I planned to imagine the simple time is not enough, the increase of homework makes me think not to relax. Of course, it is my mood now interpretation of a small digression.

    What should you talk about? It's too much to say, in a tummy brain, and so messy.

    I really don't want to trace back to the past and the past, and what I see is the life of my life. I just want to go to the new year and see how the road and the situation in the future are a turning point, or a lot of frustration. From my profound understanding of the score, I have lost a lot of sad melancholy and melancholy, and I am more of a rational and more objective idea. I am growing up a little, it is obviously, even a little change, oh, change, I have wondering where I changed? What time began to have deep eyes? See a few books to step think? Facing the exam is difficult from the first few games without fear?...... And too many "?" haunted me.

    It turned out to be so wonderful that there were so many questions that were worth studying, and they were so wonderful.

    It's fast to the new year, isn't it?


    I went to my grandmother's house on the second day of the winter vacation. I liked to go to grandma's home, because there were grandma and my sister. About the Chinese new year, my grandmother bought a lot of food and drink, grandma said to me that this is the special purchases for the Spring Festival.

    A few days ago, my uncle, uncle, and little brother came back in the new year. Today, grandma's home is very busy, many guests come, in the afternoon, mother and father with his sister also come. My grandmother burned a lot of delicious food, a wonderful dinner. We were preparing to have an uncle, and our uncle came to bring the cake.

    My sister and my brother cheered excitedly: "there's cake to eat, cake to eat," so today is mother's birthday. Younger brothers and sisters, they saw the cake, and they didn't want to eat it, and they turned around the cake. In fact, I can also want to eat cake, but the mother said: "not to eat children do not eat cake." We all wanted to eat the cake soon. I can eat a cake, mom put the cake on the table, lit the candles, we sing a birthday song, I wish my mother Happy birthday wish! Mother blew out the candle, each of us a piece of cake, younger kids gobbled up the cake, eat all face cream, too happy new year, haha! Really happy together, don't we all get together and play fireworks!

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