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  • 保护动物的英语作文3篇




    Animals are our friends.But how to protect them? government is working to protect all animals in danger,and has made lots of plans to save animals. On the other hand, we shouldn’t eat wild animals.We should keep them away from our dinner. That way,there will not be wild animals on sale. I think the hunters and killers will become fewer and fewer.

    Last, we should protect the environment.We should stop people from cutting trees down. Without trees, wild animals will lose their home. And we will lose our animal friends. All of us should try our best to protect animals.

    We need to protect animals better.We should give them fresh water to drink.We should make the forests bigger for animals in danger to live in.We should advice people not to kill animals beacause they are our friends!


    Many wild animals are facing the danger of extinction, because the environment that they are living in has changed greatly. For example, with the developmet of cities, the using of insecticide and serious pollution, their living areas have become narrowcr and narrower. Many of the wild animals, now are confronted with food crisis. At the same time, man is killing off species just for getting their fur, skin, horns, teeth and meat.

    In order to protect our resources of ecology, people should realize that the loss of any species is at least the loss of source of knowledge and a source of natural beauty. There fore, measures of the following should be taken: pollution standards are made to keepdown poisons; killing off certain rare species is prohibited; national parks should be set up as wild life, reserves.

    Only if we human beings take some drastic measures can wild animals be preserved.


    The giant panda is known as the national treasure of China. The panda was a kind of ordinary animal in China long ago. However, for some reasons, too many of them have been killed. So the number of them is falling quickly.

    At present people are taking an important measure to save pandas. People want to find a home for them, and recently, they have set up a nature park for them in Sichuan Province,which is called "Pandas' Home. "There pandas can enjoy their life happily. There is a bamboo forest near the Pandas' Home. So the pandas can find bamboos easily which they like to eat very much. .

    Because pandas are well protected now, the number of them is increasing every year. We hope that one day we will have enough pandas to set them free and let them live in the wild again.

    Pandas are good friends of man. Man should try to protect them and ]et them live in the way they like!

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